How to Pay With WISE

TransferWise Image
First, you need open transferwise or the transferwise app.


Step 1. Set amount
123 778x800 1
Step 2. Send to “Someone else”
321 800x253 1
Step 3. Input the details
231 412x800 1
Step 4. Confirm details then finish it and let us know after your payment

For CNY 

Step 1. Click “Send Money”. In Step 1, you need put Recipient gets CNY. In the “You send” field, you can use USD or your currency. Put right number on, and click “Continue”.
Step 1 1024x510 1
Step 2. Confirm your profile. You are required an account to use transferwise. It’s fast and simple.
Step 3. Select “someone else” in this step.
Step 2 1024x489 1
Step 4. Input correct info we sent to you, notice input Alipay in the last field.
Step 3 518x1024 1
Step 5. After all that, review and confirm. We will process your order once we receive your payment in a few hours.

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